Foundation’s Documentary Workshop

This Summer, Create Your Own Documentary !

This course will use the medium of film, specifically the medium of documentary to help students explore important social issues within their community and the wider world. Through theory, research, practical activities, and in-class discussions, the individual students will learn to plan, script, and create their own documentary. It will help students cultivate new skills and ways of thinking, and learn what it takes to create their own documentary and impact their community in a positive way. In this course, we hope to ignite the student's passion for the community and ongoing global issues which they can present to their peers and use as part of an ongoing portfolio project.

Documentary Workshop

We are offering three summer sessions of fun and creativity. Each group will have 8-10 students. The students will learn different aspects of documentary making, researching social issues, and creating storyboards for the documentary. The students will have their own short documentary by the end of the course!

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Documentary Workshops

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