Foundation’s Filmmaker

Create Your Own Short Film!

Foundation's Filmmaker Program is a fun and exciting course for students aged 8-11 years. The program enables students to unlock their creativity through the filmmaking platform. While donning the hat of a filmmaker and preparing to act and direct, the students simultaneously develop various cognitive skills and receive a boost in their self-confidence.

In the program's filmmaking classes, students will be learning how to make their own short films through hands on training in:

Filmmaking Techniques

The filmmakers will learn the following skills over three levels, Filmmaker 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0! The students can look forward to a filming experience for the entire academic year.

  • Story Boarding

    Drawing Story Boards
    Mise en Scene
    Learning How to Present Information Visually

  • Script Writing

    Story Telling
    Writing Effective Dialogues

  • Camera Handeling

    Basic Camera Operation
    Framing and Composition
    Panning, Tilting and Tracking

  • Directing and Acting

    Building Stage Confidence
    Refining Body Language
    Practising Varied Expressions

Filmmaker Level 1.0

In Filmmaking 1.0, our students will learn filmmaking skills like plotline, camera composition, acting and directing and then straight into creating two short films. Directed and acted by the students.

Filmmaker Level 2.0

Filmmaking 2.0 will look to build on some of these skills and introduce new things such as camera movement and angles, script adaptation and storyboarding along with completing a much longer and more challenging film which they have adapted themselves.

Filmmaker Level 3.0

Filmmaking 3.0 challenges the students to use all the skills they’ve already learnt from the previous two terms and create their very own film project; written, storyboarded, directed and acting by them!

Foundation Academy Short Films

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