Foundation’s Novelist

Write and Publish Your Own Novel!

Turn a cloud into a dragon, an old box into a castle, a dead leaf into a pirate ship, the Foundation's Novelist course let's loose a child's imagination to create a written masterpiece.

As part of this lively and interactive course, the students will explore and develop various writing and reading skills. Special emphasis will be placed on the art of story writing and expression.

The Novelists will receive hands-on training in the following techniques:

Creative Writing Genres

The novelists will learn writing skills to develop the following short stories:

  • Greek Drama

  • Mystery Story

  • Poem

  • Graphic Novel

Novelist Level 1.0

In Novelist 1.0, our students will learn skills like imagery and dialogue and will attempt genres like playwriting and short stories.

Novelist Level 2.0

Novelist 2.0 will focus on building advanced writing skills and introduce genres like poetry. The students will learn techniques like plot twists and controlling mood.

Novelist Level 3.0

Novelist 3.0 challenges the students with an advanced understanding of plots and student can look forward to writing exciting genres like Mysteries, Biographies, and Fables.

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