Foundation’s Orator

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Public speaking is an essential skill and one of the best ways to develop a child's confidence. The Foundation's orator course will guide a student's ability to become a confident and charismatic speaker.

This is a course aimed at developing a student's ability to articulate and present their ideas to an audience. The course uses activity-based learning to teach students voice modulation and speech making.

Orator 1.0

In Orator 1.0 our students will look at articulation, pace and expression, confidence building, communication, and storytelling leading to creating their very own audio drama as a group

Orator 2.0

In Orator 2.0 will look at revising all these techniques from term one, and then developing body language, and working on their imaginations and finding their own inspiration, leading into creating a longer and more advanced audio drama.

Orator 3.0

Orator 3.0 challenges the students to use all the skills they’ve already learnt from the previous two terms and develop a new audio drama along with their very own presentation based on a personal hobby, or experience.

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